2008 Strategic Plan

The 2008 Strategic Plan was adopted by the Appalachian State University Board of Trustees, September 12, 2008.

The Strategic Plan 2008-2012 was extended through 2013 by action of the Board of Trustees in September 2012. Progress toward completion of 2008 Strategic Plan is shown here:


In August 2006, Chancellor Peacock announced the development of Appalachian's 2008 Strategic Plan and appointed the nine-member Planning Advisory Council to oversee and organize the process. The council made the decision, with the approval of the Chancellor, to invite volunteers and nominations from the campus community to create the 90+ member Strategic Planning Commission.

The Institutional Effectiveness Model [PDF] shows how the synthesis of planning and assessment work to demonstrate institutional effectiveness at Appalachian.

Planning Process

August 2006 Chancellor announces the development of a new strategic plan and appoints a Planning Advisory Council: Chair: Stan Aeschleman, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor. Members: Cindy Wallace, Vice Chancellor for Student Development; Greg Lovins, Interim Vice Chancellor for Strategic Plan. Business Affairs; Bob Lyman, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Tony Calamai, Chair, Council of Chairs; Martha Marking, Chair, Faculty Senate; Charlie Wallin, President, Staff Council; Forrest Gilliam, President, Student Government Association; Bobby Sharp (ex officio), Director, Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment. The Planning Advisory Council is charged to oversee the planning process, organize the macro and micro strategic planning activities, study the important issues facing the university, assign tasks to short-term work groups and to campus staff, set timelines, collect information, and generate planning materials and products.
October 2006 First Open Forum conducted by Provost Aeschleman to provide a 1) Profile of the University, 2) Summary of the External Context for the Planning Process, and 3) Description of the Planning Process

Strategic Planning Open Forum Presentation [PPT - 1.2MB] [PDF] (Adobe Acrobat file distorts some slides)

Planning Advisory Council holds a day-long retreat to begin to identify core values, core assets, and essential character of Appalachian, and to propose Strategic Directions for consideration by the Strategic Planning Commission.

November 2006 Open invitation extended to campus community seeking volunteers and nominations to serve on the Strategic Planning Commission.

Planning Advisory Council holds a half-day retreat to propose membership of the Strategic Planning Commission, which Chancellor Peacock approved.

December 2006 Chancellor Peacock sends letters of invitation to proposed commission members assigning membership to subcommittees and announcing a half-day Strategic Planning Commission retreat on January 5, 2007.
January 2007

Strategic Planning Commission holds a half-day retreat to discuss the Planning Advisory Council's proposed Strategic Directions, and subcommittees begin to develop strategic objectives for discussion and possible inclusion in the Strategic Plan.

Strategic Planning Commission Forum Presentation [PPT] [PDF]

April 26, 2007
(Reading Day) 
Deadline for submission of final reports from subcommittees; these reports form the basis for the development of the 2008 Strategic Plan.
Summer to
Fall 2007 
Planning Advisory Council reviews the reports and develops the draft Appalachian Strategic Plan.
Fall 2007 Strategic Planning Commission meets to discuss the draft Strategic Plan. Draft Strategic Plan is made available on the Strategic Planning website and distributed to groups within and outside of Appalachian for feedback.
Spring 2008

Public forum is held to discuss the draft of the Appalachian Strategic Plan.

Strategic Planning Open Forum Presentation [PPT - 2MB] [PDF]

Revised draft of the Strategic Plan is prepared to incorporate feedback. Planning Advisory Council affirms final draft of the Appalachian Strategic Plan. Final draft of the Appalachian Strategic Plan is presented to the Chancellor for comment and approval. Final draft of the Appalachian Strategic Plan is presented to the Board of Trustees for comment and approval. Final changes to the plan are made to reflect input from the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees.

Fall 2008 Unit plans are developed within the context of the Strategic Plan
September 11, 2008 Board of Trustees approves 2008 Strategic Plan


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