Student Information

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Admissions Data

See also: Interactive data reports (New Freshman Profile Report and New Transfer Profile Report)

Enrollment Data

See also: Interactive data reports (Overall University Profile)

Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity Graphs

  • All Students, New Freshmen, Undergraduate and Graduate Levels (Unduplicated IPEDS counts)
  • All Students All Race/Ethnicities Chosen - Duplicated (PDF)

Retention and Graduation Rates

  • Retention, Graduation & Persistence of Full-Time Entering Freshmen, Fall Cohorts 1999-2015 (PDF)
  • Student Achievement Measure National Reporting Site:
  • 2009 Freshman and Transfer Cohorts: Enrollment, Persistence, and Graduations Tracked Over Time (Within ASU and Elsewhere)
    • Student Achievement Measure (SAM) site
    • PDF Version of SAM site link

Program Data

  • Majors, Degrees Awarded, and Student Credit Hours by College (Graphic) (PDF)

For more College, Department, and program headcount enrollment (by race, gender, and other variables),
see the interactive reports:

Enrollment by Degree Major: First AND Second Majors, Enrollment by Degree Major (by College and Department), Fall 2012-16

  • College of Arts & Sciences (PDF)
  • College of Business (PDF)
  • College of Education (PDF)
  • College of Fine & Applied Arts (PDF)
  • College of Health Sciences (PDF)
  • School of Music (PDF)
  • Non-Degree Programs and Undeclared Students (PDF)

Degrees Awarded (by College and Department), Fiscal Years 2011-12 to 2015-16

See also: Interactive data reports (Degrees Awarded)

Academic Operations Data

Student Credit Hours Generated by Department (and College), 2012-13 to 2016-17

5 Year Historical student credit hour report - available January 2016 after census

See also: Interactive data reports (Student Credit Hours)

Other Data