The following sites are the ultimate resources for assessment in higher education:

Tuning USA

"Tuning" is a process where faculty identify competencies for a specific discipline at each degree level across institutions. Follow the Tuning USA Project sponsored by the Lumina Foundation at:

For tuning related to specific disciplines visit the following websites:

American Historical Association - History Discipline Core

Tuning Texas - Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Business, Computer Information Systems and Sciences, Management Information Systems, Engineering

Midwestern Higher Education Compact Cross-State Tuning Initiative - Marketing and Psychology

Other tuning projects are currently underway across the country and the work is worth following.

Assessment at Other UNC Institutions

As you are working on your assessment plan, you may want to compare notes with your colleagues at other institutions. The University of North Carolina - General Administration requires that all UNC institutions publish student learning outcomes for each degree program on their websites. The following are links to SLOs for all UNC institutions.

Assessment at Other Institutions

These are a sample of some of the assessment sites at other institutions. These particular institutions were chosen because they either have well established assessment processes in place, they offer a different perspective on assessment, or they are one of our peer institutions.

Assessment Handbooks from Other Institutions

Assessment Information from Professional Organizations

Assessment Articles

Assessment Books

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