PCR for Academic Units

Appalachian established the Periodic Comprehensive Review (PCR) process in 2014 whereby all units on campus complete an in-depth review to thoroughly examine the unit's mission, goals, outcomes, resources, activities, strengths, and areas for improvement.  

The PCR is a periodically recurring process through which departments evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of programs and services to facilitate decision-making and quality enhancement.  All academic departments and administrative and educational support units complete a PCR at least once every 7 years. Some departments may complete a review more frequently due to the accreditation schedules of the programs within the department.  

The unit of review is intended to be at the department level because the end product is a continuous improvement plan with operational outcomes for the department with potential budget implications.

 The PCR process is divided into three parts:

  1. Self-Study: The department writes a narrative and provides documentation in response to five standards regarding mission, student success, quality curriculum, healthy and productive work environment, and resources.
  2. External Review: The department, in consultation with their dean, invites individuals external to the department to review the department and provide a candid evaluation based on each of the standards, indicating strengths and potential areas of concern.
  3. Executive Summary and Continuous Improvement Plan: The department summarizes findings from the self-study and external review for the dean and provost.  In addition, the department creates a continuous improvement plan where they identify specific outcomes to strive for over the next 5-7 years.


Periodic Comprehensive Review Standards and Instructions

Periodic Comprehensive Review Instructions for Academic Units  - (PDF) This document provides PCR instructions for academic units, including the five standards used as a unit's self-study. The standards are revised periodically based on feedback from the campus.  Please feel free to contact IRAP to offer any feedback.

Schedule for Periodic Comprehensive Reviews

Periodic Comprehensive Review Schedule for Academic and Administrative and Educational Support Units  - (PDF) This is the current PCR schedule for reviews of both academic and administrative and educational support units.