Space Management

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Optimizing the Connections Between People and Space

During 2004 consultants, Dr. John Worthen, former president of Ball State University, evaluated the structure of our administrative organization; and Janet Pumo, Harvard Business School IT consultant, reviewed our technology environment. One of the outcomes followed their eighth recommendation:

8. Create a unit to assign classroom and office space and have this unit report to the new Senior Assistant to the Chancellor, or, alternatively, to Business Affairs.

a. All space is university space, it is a critical resource and effective use of currently available space can facilitate and support academic programs.

b. Careful monitoring and evaluation of the use of space can also provide information to demonstrate the need for renovation or new construction and even help with design decisions.

Appalachian's response was:

This responsibility will continue to be a part of Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning. Arthur Rex was named to oversee all space analysis and allocations and will be accountable to the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs and the Provost on space usage campus-wide. Several activities have been started as a direct result of this action.

  1. A campus wide inventory (spaces, capacities, and features) is ongoing, beginning with the academic spaces allocated for meeting Appalachian's course offerings.
  2. Selection and implementation of a software system for tracking and scheduling space for classes which can be used later for event scheduling.
  3. Hiring of a system administrator for Series 25, a scheduling and space management software.
  4. Capturing and field verification of digital architectural drawings for academic buildings reflecting current spaces and attributes.