Data & Reports

This section provides fundamental datasets and graphics for the university community to use in space planning and management activities. In this capacity, the Office of Space Management & Planning:

1) collects and updates a space inventory of Appalachian's academic facilities

2) reports this inventory to UNC System Office

3) analyzes and interprets the inventory

4) integrates ancillary datasets (such as the course data file) to the inventory, and transforms that data into information that supports Appalachian's space management and planning practices, policies, decisions, and assessment of how each space is utilized.

Tableau Reports

Space Utilization Summary

Section and Student Count Analysis

Organization Time Spread and Seat Utilization

Room vs. Seat Utilization

DAVE Facilities Inventory System

UNC System Office Reports

UNC SO Facilities Utilization

Additional Resources

Appalachian Building Acronyms as of 2015 (PDF, 77 KB)

Series25© Optimizer Room Use Codes (PDF, 82 KB)

Additional Reports Here