University Space Committee


Space Request Form (PDF, 160 KB)

University Space Management - Policy 507.14

Current Committee Members (Divisional Representatives)



The Space Committee (the "Committee") will evaluate all University space openings, provide a list of available space to all divisions and evaluate prioritized divisional requests for such space. The Committee will then make a recommendation for use of such space to the Council and Chancellor for final approval.


The Committee will also evaluate for approval all prioritized divisional renovation requests above $15,000.00 to determine if such renovations are within the strategic space management priorities for the University. Recommendations will be forwarded to the Council and Chancellor for final approval.

Regular Meeting

Spring 2024 monthly meetings:

  • Jan. 30
  • Feb. 13
  • Mar. 26
  • April 9
  • May 7


For a complete listing of the process associated with space management, please refer to the space management policy link above. As University space opens or is anticipated to open (i.e., office, classroom or building), the Committee will make recommendations for filling the space based on prioritized space requests coming from the divisions. The prioritized lists from the divisions are developed based on the presumption individual units have completed a Space Request Form  (PDF, 160 KB) and submitted it forward using procedures specified in the unit's division. Units should also follow the prescribed divisional process for renovation requests above $15,000 beginning with the use of the same space form as with space requests.