General Education Assessment

General Education Goals

  1. Thinking critically and creatively
  2. Communicating effectively
  3. Making local to global connections
  4. Understanding responsibilities of community membership

About Assessment of General Education

Assessment of the General Education program at Appalachian happens at many levels. At the institution level, Appalachian periodically assesses goals of the general education program through participation in standardized tests such as the Collegiate Learning Assessment [Spring 2014 Results (PDF, 6 MB)] or the ETS HEIghten outcomes assessments. In addition, Appalachian asks degree programs to link their degree program level assessment results to general education goals where applicable. Most recently, the General Education program has instituted a course renewal process that requires departments to report on the assessment of their general education courses. Finally, as an administrative unit, the General Education office also assesses its operations on an annual basis.

For more specific, up to date information about general education assessment, please click here.