Potential Assessment Data

Why Potential Assessment Data?

We call this section "Potential Assessment Data" because assessment is not simply data collection. Assessment involves evidence-based decision making. You often hear people refer to "closing the loop" as the most important part of the assessment process. "Closing the loop" involves using data that has been collected to inform decisions and making any appropriate changes to a program. After changes are made, data is collected again to see if changes had an impact on the program. IRAP collects institutional data that we hope will be useful to departments in their assessment process. We share the overall data in various reports, but departments may want data disaggregated to help in their assessment efforts.

Assessment Data

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

UNC System Surveys

Periodically, Appalachian participates in surveys mandated by the University of North Carolina System. Until 2018, Appalachian was required to administer surveys of sophomores and graduating seniors and to report these findings to the UNC System as part of a system-wide analysis that informs decision making across all UNC campuses. 

UNC InfoCenter

The UNC InfoCenter has interactive data dashboards, data tables, and interactive reports from the University of North Carolina system. Interactive data is available for enrollment trentds, facilities usage, admissions, research and development, degrees awarded, employment in the state, and educator quality. See www.northcarolina.edu/infocenter.