Sample Assessment Reports

Sample Assessment Reports for Academic Programs - Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

GR - Appalachian Studies (PDF, 5KB)

GR - Clinical Psychology (PDF, 7 KB)

GR - Exercise Science (PDF, 4 KB)

UG - Accounting (PDF, 12 KB)

UG - Actuarial Sciences (PDF, 4 KB)

UG - Chemistry (PDF, 9 KB)

UG - Child Development (PDF, 5 KB)

UG - Communication, Public Relations (PDF, 6 KB)

UG - Community and Regional Planning (PDF, 7KB)

UG - Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology (PDF, 6 KB)

UG - Health and Physical Education (PDF, 10 KB)

UG - Industrial Design (PDF, 5 KB)

UG - Music Education (PDF, 6 KB)

UG - Psychology (PDF, 5 KB)

Sample Assessment Reports for Administrative and Educational Support Units - Assessment of Operational Outcomes

Counseling and Psychological Services Center (PDF, 7 KB)

Department of Cultural, Gender and Global Studies (PDF, 14 KB)

Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance (PDF, 10 KB)

Department of Nursing (PDF, 8 KB)

Department of Nutrition and Health Care Management (PDF, 7 KB)

Department of Social Work (PDF, 11 KB)

Finance and Administration (PDF, 11 KB)

International Education and Development (PDF, 8 KB)

Office of Disability Services (PDF, 7 KB)

Office of Parent and Family Services (PDF, 10 KB)

Orientation (PDF, 9 KB)

Student Programs (PDF, 8 KB)

Watauga Residential College (PDF, 8 KB)