Periodic Comprehensive Reviews

Appalachian established a periodic comprehensive review (PCR) process in 2014 whereby all units on campus (academic, administrative and educational support) complete an in-depth review at least every 7 years. The primary purpose of the periodic comprehensive review is for program improvement and planning. A review allows a unit to thoroughly examine its mission, goals, outcomes, resources, activities, strengths, and areas for improvement on a periodic basis. All units will have completed at least one review by 2022. Following a thorough review, faculty and/or staff within the unit outline a clear direction for the unit until the next review. Comprehensive unit review involves:

  1. a unit self study;
  2. an external review of the unit;
  3. an executive summary and continuous improvement plan; and
  4. annual progress reports on continuous improvement implementation.

Periodic Comprehensive Review Standards

Below are the PCR standards used as a unit's self-study. The standards are revised annually based on feedback from the campus, particularly those units recently completing their PCR. Please feel free to contact IRAP to offer any additional feedback.

Periodic Comprehensive Review Standards and Guidelines for Academic Units  (PDF)

Periodic Comprehensive Review Standards for Administrative and Educational Support Units (PDF)

Schedule for Periodic Comprehensive Reviews

Periodic Comprehensive Review Schedule for Academic Programs  - (PDF) This is the PCR schedule for reviews of academic units. The schedule was negotatiated with each college and school to ensure all units complete a review by 2021-22. It is subject to change if a unit presents a compelling reason (change in accreditation schedule, new department chair or program director, etc.). In most cases, all programs within a department will complete a review at the same time.

Periodic Comprehensive Review Schedule for Administrative and Educational Support Units  - (PDF) This is the PCR schedule established to review all administrative and educational support units before 2021-22. The schedule is subject to change and updated as needed.