Course Evaluation Information for Students

The following are frequently asked questions by students regarding online course evaluations. If you do not find the answer to your question below, please send your question to

Why should I complete my course evaluations?

Throughout the course of your time at Appalachian, the University will solicit feedback from you in a variety of ways to help us determine whether we are achieving our mission and identify areas for improvements. Course evaluations provide individual instructors with feedback on their teaching and their courses so they can improve the experience in the classroom. In addition, student evaluation of courses are one piece of information used as part of the annual evaluation of faculty in determining reappointment, promotion, and tenure. Your feedback on your courses is essential. Please help us reach a good response rate and provide your instructors with thoughtful feedback that will help us improve the educational experience at Appalachian.

How will I be contacted about my course evaluations?

When a course evaluation window opens, you will receive an e-mail with a list of all of your courses participating in the online course evaluation process. You will receive reminders to complete your course evaluations until the evaluation window closes (typically at midnight after the last day of classes). Some instructors may provide time in class for you to complete the evaluation for their course.

One of my courses is missing from the list of my courses to evaluate. What can I do?

At this point, not all departments and courses are choosing to participate in online course evaluations. Online course evaluations are not mandated by the University, nor are all faculty required to evaluate courses every semester. If you have a course that is missing, you might consider asking the instructor if you will have the opportunity to complete an evaluation on paper during class time. You can also contact the instructor and/or department chair to ask them to participate in the online course evaluation process for future semesters.

Are my responses confidential?

Your individual responses to online course evaluations are confidential. Instructors and department chairs have access to overall feedback (not individual responses) after final grades are due. Your identity will be unknown to the instructor unless the course enrollment is very low or you choose to identify yourself in written comments to open-ended questions.

My instructor is offering extra credit for completed course evaluations. How do I show proof of my completed course evaluation?

CoursEval allow students to send proof that they have completed a course evaluation without sharing their individual responses. When you have completed an evaluation for the course, go to the "Surveys" menu and click "Completed Surveys."


Then, locate the course with the completed survey you wish to share and click the "Send Proof" link.


You should receive a message that proof of survey completion has been sent. Your instructor will receive an e-mail like this one: