Proposed Survey Policy

Rationale: This policy was created based on a request from the Chancellor after receiving complaints from faculty and staff about the number of survey requests they had received in one semester.



1.1  The purpose of this policy is to better manage and coordinate campus surveys. This will reduce survey fatigue on Appalachian State University students, employees, and alumni, as well as improve response rates of surveys that are critical for institutional decision-making purposes.


1.2  By having a central office responsible for coordinating surveys, a survey calendar can be maintained so the campus will be informed of approved survey activity and those conducting surveys can plan for the most optimal timing of their surveys.



2.1. This survey policy applies to all faculty, staff and students conducting a campus-wide survey as well as external requests to assist in the administration of an online survey to the campus.


3.1 For the purpose of this policy, a campus-wide survey refers to a questionnaire consisting of one or more items where the target population includes the entire population, a subpopulation, or a sample of the entire population of members of the Appalachian community, including students, faculty, staff, administrators, and/or alumni.


4.1 Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning (IRAP) at Appalachian is responsible for maintaining a survey calendar and acting as a clearinghouse for campus-wide surveys.

4.2 Faculty, staff and students who intend to conduct a campus-wide survey should complete a Survey Registration Form. IRAP is responsible for reviewing, coordinating and approving campus-wide surveys. As such, IRAP has the option to suggest the elimination of survey questions, combining surveys and/or scheduling surveys to minimize the burden on the campus community.

4.3 IRAP works with those conducting surveys to define the appropriate target population and identify a sample of that population when appropriate. If IRAP’s assistance is not needed for identifying a sample population, the primary survey administrator is responsible for notifying IRAP of the survey recruitment methods and, whenever possible, provide a data file identifying those included in the sample population. IRAP will work to reduce the overlap in sample populations to minimize the burden placed on survey participants.

4.4 Some surveys conducted for research purposes will require Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. See the policy on review of research involving human subjects for more information.

4.5 IRAP may develop internal policies and protocols with further guidance consistent with this policy.


5.1 Appendices

1. Campus Surveys Calendar 

2. Survey Registration Form: Link to Form

3. IRAP survey policy

5.2 Supporting Documentation


2. FERPA Information:


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