Online Student Reviews of Courses

Student reviews of courses provide students with an opportunity to provide feedback about their courses and serve as one source of information about the quality of instruction at Appalachian State. Individual student responses are confidential unless students reveal their identity in written comments. Results of online student reviews of courses are released to faculty after grades are due.

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Online student review of courses utilize either the Common University-Wide Questions or the Experiential Questions based on course type, as well as any existing departmental questions.

University-Wide Questions

Determined by course type, one of the following two sets of core questions are assigned to all online student reviews. Departments may choose to interchange these approved sets of questions for specific courses as they feel is most appropriate for each of their course types. In addition to the university-wide questions, departments and/or colleges/schools may add their own standard set of questions to online student reviews.  

1. Common University-Wide Questions

The following core questions are presented on student reviews of courses for the majority of courses at Appalachian. This set of questions is recommended for LAB, LEC, LES, LLB, LST, LST, PEO, SAB, SEM, SAW, WEB, WEH, WEM or WLH courses. This set of questions was developed by an Ad Hoc Electronic Student Evaluation Committee and presented to Faculty Senate (see March 20, 2017 Minutes). 

Likert scale questions

Response Scale: Strongly disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, Strongly Agree

  • Overall, I consider this individual to be an effective instructor.
  • Overall, this course was a valuable learning experience for me.
  • The instructor provided timely evaluation of student work.
  • The instructor was available to students for help and support.
  • The course contributed to my knowledge of/skills in the subject matter.

Open ended questions

  • What were your instructor’s strengths?
  • How could your instructor improve his/her/their teaching?

2. Experiential Questions

The experiential set of questions was approved as an alternative set of questions for student review of courses for certain course types by Faculty Senate in January 2020. This set of questions is recommended for CLN, DSR, FLD, IDV, IND, INS, INT, PRA, PRF, RES, ST, STU, THE, THH or THU courses.

Likert scale questions

Response Scale: Strongly disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, Strongly Agree, N/A

  • Overall, this experience was a valuable learning experience for me.         
  • The experience contributed to my knowledge of and/or skills in the subject matter.     
  • If applicable, the faculty supervisor/coordinator was available to me for help and support.    

Open ended questions

  • Additional comments