Assessment Grants

Call for Proposals: 2021-22 Assessment Grants

Deadline for Grant Proposal Submission: Oct. 29, 2021

Notification of Grant Recipients: By Nov. 12, 2021

Deadline for Grant Completion:  June 1, 2022 with deliverables due by May 13, 2022

The University Academic Assessment Council (UAAC) invites applications for assessment grants. These grants are available for faculty to support the assessment and improvement of student learning in academic departments or programs. Grants of up to $3,000 per program will be awarded.  Requests above the $3,000 limit may be considered for a project that would serve multiple programs/departments. We strongly encourage proposals that have an Inclusive Excellence focus or component. If selected for an award, the Inclusive Excellence Team will be available to support the group’s work.

Funds may be used for one of the following:

  • Assignment Re-Design to Align with Program Student Learning Outcomes – Funds may be used for  One-Time-Pays* for a small team of faculty to develop or re-design a common assignment for a core course in the program to better align the assignment with program student learning outcomes. Faculty must complete a workshop provided by IRAP and the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) on assignment redesign. Programs must have a curriculum map in place to be eligible for this funding opportunity.

  • Continuous Improvement Implementation – Has your program’s assessment activities shown that the program is not achieving the set criterion for one of the program’s learning outcomes? Do you have an idea for improvement, but need the funds to implement the plan? Apply for an assessment grant to implement an action plan from a recent assessment report (must be in a 2018-19, 2019-20, or 2020-21 Xitracs assessment report).  This may include, but is not limited to, curriculum development activities or resources, One-Time-Pays* for faculty development activities or resources, or the purchase of software or equipment.

  • Curriculum Mapping – Funds may be used for One-Time-Pays* for a small team of faculty in an academic program to create a curriculum map for the program. What is a curriculum map? Essentially, a curriculum map shows the alignment of courses in a program with the student learning outcomes of the program.  The map can be used to identify gaps in the curriculum, can show the program where the optimal places in the curriculum are to collect assessment data for a particular outcome, and can be used to communicate with students and others why certain courses are required for completion of the program. Faculty must complete a curriculum mapping workshop provided by IRAP.

  • Periodic Comprehensive Review Implementation - Has your department recently completed a Periodic Comprehensive Review? Apply for a grant to move forward with implementing an outcome from the continuous improvement plan.   

  • Program Assessment Summit – Funds may be used for One-Time-Pays* for a small team of faculty to analyze products of student learning to assess student learning in the program. Modeled after the General Education Assessment Summit, IRAP will assist a program in organizing an event in which faculty in the program assess student learning by examining assignments collected from a required course(s) in the major. To be eligible for this funding, the program must have developed a rubric to assess the intended student learning outcome(s).

  • Revision of Student Learning Outcomes to Include Inclusive Excellence - Funds may be used for One-Time-Pays* for a small team of faculty to revise a program’s student learning outcomes (SLOs) to better integrate inclusive excellence. Programs would also be expected to include a curriculum map to indicate where in the curriculum the new SLOs will be addressed. 

  • Other – The review committee will consider other proposals that support a program’s continuous improvement efforts that do not fit into one of the above categories. Please provide specific details about how the funds will be used by the program and how the grant will help improve the program’s assessment efforts.

Conditions of Award:

  • Upon notification of award, Grant Project Managers will initiate the OTP process as applicable. IRAP should be listed as the “Project Director” for project completion sign-off.  

  • Recipients will attend required workshops as appropriate to the grant. Dates and locations will be determined for each award team.

  • Funds must be used exclusively for expenses related to the assessment project. Funds cannot be used to purchase refreshments or to employ students.

  • Award recipients must provide a product (curriculum map, assignment, results) and/or a brief summary of the completed assessment project to IRAP.  

    • Deliverables that are associated with OTPs resulting from work supported by this award must be submitted no later than May 13th, 2022. 

    • Since the OTP process is initiated before the work begins, if deliverables are not submitted by the due date, the Payroll area will be notified to stop payment processing for failure to meet the agreement and may result in ineligibility for future grant funding from IRAP.

    • Programs will work with IRAP to input relevant deliverables (curriculum map, assessment results) into Xitracs for immediate use.

  • Funding expenditures (other than OTPs) must be spent by June 1, 2022.

  • Award recipients agree to allow IRAP and/or UAAC to share what grant recipients have accomplished with their award through workshops, presentations, websites, or other resources to further facilitate continuous improvement efforts at Appalachian.  

  • Where appropriate, assessment activities related to the grant should be reflected in Xitracs reports for the program or department. For example, if funds were used to implement an action plan, a future assessment report should include this information under the section “Continuous Improvement Implementations from Prior Cycles.” 

Selection and Award Process:

  • Complete the 2021-22 Assessment Grant Application

    • All intended award participants must be listed on the grant proposal when submitted.*

    • Applications are required to complete the Grant Submission Acknowledgements section which includes agreement to comply with the Conditions of Award and review of the proposal with Department Chairs and/or Associate Deans.

    • Applications submitted by the Oct. 29deadline with the acknowledgement section completed will receive priority processing.  Proposals received after the deadline will be considered until all funds have been awarded. Applications that do not include a completed acknowledgement section will not be processed.  If funds are still available, there may be an additional call for proposals in the spring semester.

  • Proposals will be reviewed by members of the University Academic Assessment Council (UAAC). 

  • Award recipients will be notified no later thanNov. 12and should initiate the OTP process as applicable.

Submitting Completed Proposals:

Applications will automatically be submitted via the Google form after pressing “SUBMIT.”  It is recommended that a copy of the application be printed for your records by right-clicking and selecting “Print.”  For assistance with submitting, e-mail Apriale Neill, IRAP Senior Assessment Associate, at

* Some restrictions apply to who may receive OTPs. Please check with your college's business officer to ensure eligibility of participants.