University Planning and Priorities Council (UPPC)

University Planning & Priorities Council (UPPC) 2019-20

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 During 2019-20, The UPPC worked in writing groups to update the Appalachian State University Strategic Plan. 


2018-2019 UPPC Membership List

University Planning & Priorities Council (UPPC) 2018-2019

During 2018-2019, during the final full year of the 2014-2019 strategic plan, The Appalachian Experience: Envisioning a Just and Sustainable Future, the UPPC met with campus community stakeholders to discuss the following questions:

  • Provide a summary of your most significant successes related to the current strategic plan.
  • What are the 3-5 most important actions you are hoping to accomplish in the next five years in order to achieve your unit's strategic goals?
  • What are the most pressing challenges your unit faces in terms of achieving your goals?
  • What are the resources you need to achieve your goals, and how would you prioritize them?

The goal of these conversations was to inform the next iteration of "The Appalachian Experience."
Dr. Darrell Kruger, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, and Mr. Paul Forte, Vice Chancellor, Business Affairs, Co-Chaired this work in conjunction with the UPPC.

2018-19 Meeting Schedule

Meeting handout to facilitate discussion:  UPPC Purpose, Charge and Process

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