University Planning and Priorities Council (UPPC)

University Planning & Priorities Council (UPPC)

Jill Ehnnan, Co-ChairEnglish Department
Jeff Ramsdell, Co-ChairSustainable Technology & the Built Environment Department
Mark BachmeierHuman Resource Services
Lee BallOffice of Sustainability 
Doris BazziniPsychology Department
Nicole BennettResearch Institution for Environment, Energy & Economics (RIEEE)
Susan BranchBoard of Trustees
J.J. BrownStudent Development
Sarah CarmichaelGeology Department
Sushmita ChatterjeeCultural, Gender, and Global Studies Department
Todd CherryEconomics Department
Ethan DodsonUniversity Advancement
Matt DullStudent Development
Rick ElmorePhilosophy & Religion Department
Willie Fleming Chancellor's Office
Hank ForemanChancellor's Office 
Paul Gates Communication Department/Faculty Senate
Jeff GoodmanCollege of Education
Carole Greene Conference & Camp Services/Staff Senate
David HaylerInformation Technology Services
Jalyn Howard SGA
Leah Beth Hubbard Enrollment Management
Heather LangdonInstitutional Research, Assessment & Planning 
Clark Maddux Watauga Residential College
Lisa McAnultyNutrition & Health Care Management
Kelly McBride University Library
Susan McCracken Student Development
David Orvis English Department
Chris Osmond College of Education
Jeff Pierce Business Affairs, Design & Construction
Max PooleGraduate School
Brian RaichleSustainable Technology & the Built Environment Dept
Carla Ramsdell Physics & Astronomy Department
Terry Rawls Educational Outreach & Summer Programs
Jamie Russell Sustainable Technology & the Built Environment Dept
Tracie Salinas Mathematical Sciences Department
Kathleen Schroeder Geography & Planning Department
Jennifer Snodgrass School of Music
Jim StokesSchool of Music
Brittney WhitesideAthletics
Leroy Wright Student Development
Ted ZeruchaHonors College
Kevin Zwetsloot Health & Exercise Science Department

Working Groups:

Strategic Direction #1: Creating the Transformational Educational Experience 

Strategic Direction #2: Advancing Knowledge and Addressing the  Challenges of Our Region, State and World through Creativity and Innovation

Strategic Direction #3: Engaging the State, Region and World

Strategic Direction #4: Embracing Diversity of Thought, Belief and  Community

Strategic Direction #5: Preserving Faculty and Staff Excellence

Strategic Direction #6: Building a Responsive Infrastructure for a Sustainable Campus