Online Course Evaluations

Appalachian State University utilizes CoursEvalTM for online course evaluations. Course evaluations provide students with an opportunity to provide feedback about their courses and serve as one source of information about the quality of instruction at Appalachian. Course evaluations are typically open for students to complete during the last week of classes and close on Reading Day. Individual student responses are confidential unless students reveal their identity in written comments. Results of online course evaluations are released to faculty after grades are due.

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Information for Students

Information for Faculty

Important Information Regarding Online Course Evaluations for Fall 2019 

Sept. 23 Deadline for departments to notify IRAP about courses to exclude and any updates to online course evaluations for ALL fall courses

Sept. 30-Oct. 8 Online course evaluations open for students enrolled in First Half of Term courses

Nov. 20-Dec. 4  Online course evaluations open for students enrolled in Second Half of Term and Full Term courses

Common University-Wide Questions

The following core questions are presented on all online course evaluations at Appalachian. This set of questions was developed by an Ad Hoc Electronic Student Evaluation Committee and presented to Faculty Senate (see March 20, 2017 Minutes). In addition to these 7 questions, departments and/or colleges/schools may have a standard set of questions for their courses.

Likert scale questions

Response Scale: Strongly disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, Strongly Agree

  • Overall, I consider this individual to be an effective instructor.
  • Overall, this course was a valuable learning experience for me.
  • The instructor provided timely evaluation of student work.
  • The instructor was available to students for help and support.
  • The course contributed to my knowledge of/skills in the subject matter.

Open ended questions

  • What were your instructor’s strengths?
  • How could your instructor improve his/her/their teaching?