Strategic Planning 2013

How will Appalachian State University define itself for the future? With input from students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and friends, Appalachian's 32-member University Planning and Priorities Council (UPPC) led the process for planning the strategic direction of Appalachian through 2019. Currently, early in 2015-16, the Strategic Planning Advisory Council (SPAC) is leading discussions across campus regarding the 2014-2019 Strategic Plan to help guide the UPPC in its efforts to implement the Plan.

The strategic planning process followed the completion of Strategic Plan 2008-2012 titled "Reach Greater Heights," which was guided by the University of North Carolina's "UNC Tomorrow" report. The new strategic plan being developed will guide Appalachian in its vision, mission, and service to the poeple of North Carolina under the guidance of the UNC's strategic plan for 2013-2018 titled "Our Time, Our Future: the UNC Compact with North Carolina" (PDF, 2.42 MB).

  • The Council
    See details of the University Planning and Priorities Council's responsibilities, as well as lists of members' names and contact information and subcommittees.
  • Strategic Planning Timeline 
    Review the council's progress so far and what's coming up next.
  • Strategic Plan 2008-2013
    Look back at the previous strategic plan, "Reach Greater Heights," and review its key outcomes. You will also find information and resources used to develop this plan.