What is a Periodic Comprehensive Review (PCR) and how does it fit into assessment?

Appalachian established the Periodic Comprehensive Review (PCR) process in 2014 whereby all units on campus complete an in-depth review to thoroughly examine the unit's mission, goals, outcomes, resources, activities, strengths, and areas for improvement.  

The PCR is a periodically recurring process through which units evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of programs and services to facilitate decision-making and quality enhancement.  All academic departments and administrative and educational support units complete a PCR at least once every 7 years. 

After finalizing a PCR study, units will complete an executive summary of the major findings from the self-study. This summary will include a continuous improvement plan stating specific outcomes for the unit to strive for over the next five to seven years. The progress towards completing these outcomes is assessed during this period by annually completing a Continuous Improvement Report in Xitracs. You can learn more about the PCR process here.